Saqib Younus


Leader Customer Success

Saqib Younis is a fashion retail expert, responsible for creating an inspiring and memorable brand journey, customer experience and interaction with the brand, service, and product through all channels and touchpoints, particularly store design, visual merchandising, and customer excellence.

​As Leader Customer Success, Saqib is in charge of overseeing the development and implementation of company-wide initiatives that improve customer relations and brand loyalty. The driving force behind elevating customer experience, strengthening retail capabilities, and boosting store productivity at Khaadi, Saqib is consistently designing and improving all aspects of customer experience.

Since rejoining the company in 2022, he has made it a priority to put the customer first in all aspects of the business. With over 21 years of experience in the retail and apparel industry, Saqib has held senior positions at leading global retailers such as H&M, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart in the US. He also brings extensive local retail expertise from his time as Chief Commercial Officer at Sapphire and Gul Ahmed. Saqib holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from George Mason University.