Shamoon Sultan


Founder and Dreamer

Shamoon Sultan is the founder of Khaadi, a successful and respected fashion retail company in Pakistan. Since founding Khaadi in 1998, Shamoon has overseen a rapidly growing portfolio which includes Khaadi and Chapter 2.

His vision was to revive the ancient craft of handloom and reinterpret it within a more contemporary and fashion-focused context. His innovative retail strategy and response to trends and consumer demand have turned Khaadi into a global fashion retailer with over 60 stores in locations such as Pakistan, the UAE and the UK. The company offers a wide range of products, including Ready To Wear, Fabrics (Man and Woman), Accessories, Bags, Shoes, Fragrances and Home goods.

Year after year, through his impeccable business acumen, Shamoon continues to revolutionize the store experience in Pakistan. In December 2021, a massive 32,000 square foot store called ‘The Experience Hub’ opened in Karachi’s Dolmen Mall, marking the beginning of the brand’s reinvention. Defying conventional retail norms, Dreamer and Founder Shamoon Sultan is a force to reckon with. Year after year, through his strong business acumen, Shamoon continues to revolutionise the store experience in Pakistan.

Shamoon’s reputation as one of Pakistan’s most influential CEOs is solidified by the IFC (a member of World Bank Group) investment of $25 million in the organization for a minority stake, which will help accelerate growth plans.

In addition to his role and responsibilities at Khaadi, Shamoon’s industry expertise and unique skill set have led him to serve on the Government of Pakistan’s Advisory Committees on Heritage and the Expo 20/20