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The Journey to Kreate Your Mark

Since founding Khaadi in 1998, Shamoon Sultan has become one of Pakistan’s most successful and respected fashion retail moguls. In just over two decades, he has gained valuable lessons on what it takes to be a successful leader in the retail space. His journey to this point has never been an easy one.

Shamoon has admitted the initial days of setting up Khaadi were a personal and professional struggle. He often doubted himself and the success of his business, thinking he would eventually have to reach out for a job. Despite facing harsh criticism and opinions, his sheer determination to bring his dream to fruition motivated him to carry on. With no business background or experience, Shamoon propelled his dream into a reality by seeking advice and guidance from anyone willing to provide it. Shamoon feels had he received insights on fashion retail, he may have avoided certain pitfalls and achieved milestones earlier.

25 years and more than 45 stores operating in 3 countries later, Shamoon Sultan is launching an initiative titled ‘Kreate Your Mark’. As the founder and CEO of a pre-dominantly women’s brand, the impetus to launch this platform centers around economic independence for woman and a belief that not everyone will champion and understand their dreams. He wants to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of people who are authentic and passionate in their purpose.

Through Kreate Your Mark, Shamoon hopes to enable women entrepreneurs to pursue their passion, embrace their ambition and create their mark by providing access to prime locations within Khaadi stores and to Khaadi customers, as well as business related guidance through his skilled team.

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The Kreate Your Mark ethos embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Shamoon Sultan. This platform paves the way for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan to own their ambition and dream big. It aims to accelerate economic empowerment by providing support to build the necessary business acumen, through connecting and collaborating.

Kreate Your Mark is a non-profit platform through which women entrepreneurs will receive 100% of the sales contribution from their product line and free access to dedicated spaces at the heart of the Experience Hubs and Centres in Karachi and Lahore. This will provide women with an opportunity to not only connect with the customer but also other incredible women who aspire to join their journey.

Women entrepreneuers aka Kreators are talented and passionate women who wish to enhance their business and expand product lines. Each one has promising products that are made in Pakistan and have captured a niche customer base. After a successful launch they will have an opportunity to become part of Khaadi’s supply chain, ultimately allowing them to scale their business.

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