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The Journey to Kreate Your Mark

Since founding Khaadi in 1998, Shamoon Sultan has become one of Pakistan’s most successful and respected fashion retail moguls. In just over two decades, he has gained valuable lessons on what it takes to be a successful leader in the retail space. His journey to this point has never been an easy one.

Shamoon has admitted the initial days of setting up Khaadi were a personal and professional struggle. He often doubted himself and the success of his business, thinking he would eventually have to reach out for a job. Despite facing harsh criticism and opinions, his sheer determination to bring his dream to fruition motivated him to carry on. With no business background or experience, Shamoon propelled his dream into a reality by seeking advice and guidance from anyone willing to provide it. Shamoon feels had he received insights on fashion retail, he may have avoided certain pitfalls and achieved milestones earlier.

24 years and more than 60 stores operating in 3 countries later, Shamoon Sultan is launching an initiative titled ‘Kreate Your Mark’. As the founder and CEO of a pre-dominantly women’s brand, the impetus to launch this platform centers around economic independence for woman and a belief that not everyone will champion and understand their dreams. He wants to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of people who are authentic and passionate in their purpose.

Through Kreate Your Mark, Shamoon hopes to enable women entrepreneurs to pursue their passion, embrace their ambition and create their mark by providing access to prime locations within Khaadi stores and to Khaadi customers, as well as business related guidance through his skilled team.

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The Kreate Your Mark ethos embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Shamoon Sultan. This platform paves the way for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan to own their ambition and dream big. It aims to accelerate economic empowerment by providing support to build the necessary business acumen, through connecting and collaborating.

Kreate Your Mark is a non-profit platform through which women entrepreneurs will receive 100% of the sales contribution from their product line and free access to dedicated spaces at the heart of the Experience Hubs and Centres in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This will provide women with an opportunity to not only connect with the customer but also other incredible women who aspire to join their journey.

Women entrepreneuers aka Kreators are talented and passionate women who wish to enhance their business and expand product lines. Each one has promising products that are made in Pakistan and have captured a niche customer base. After a successful launch they will have an opportunity to become part of Khaadi’s supply chain, ultimately allowing them to scale their business.

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Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios by Ghazal Pirzada

Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios is a brand which offers unique handcrafted items such as stationery, crockery, jewelry and home accessories. The pleasure of handmade projects drives Ghazal to continuously innovate. She is constantly discovering meaningful ways to give back, celebrate life’s most important occasions and to live inspired.  

Soaprettie by Fatima and Sara

Soaprettie is a brand founded by sisters who are committed to providing handcrafted and organic soaps that support wellness and self-care. The soaps are all free of synthetic fragrances and colours, harsh chemicals and additives. With uplifting aromas from a range of essential oils with detoxing and exfoliating benefits, the skin is left feeling nourished. Their product range also includes natural bath accessories, like towels, organic loofahs and soap dishes.

Khanz by Shaeen Khan

KHANZ by Shaheen Khan is a women-led, sustainable textile design studio working to uplift traditional crafts through collaborating with marginalised artisans. Shaheen’s dream was to establish an enterprise that assists communities by creating jobs in hopes of contributing to their standard of living and purchasing power. All her designs are handmade and hand-embellished using only the purest fabrics and locally sourced materials. KHANZ offers a wide range of products from kurtas, co-ords, saris and scarves to menswear and home accessories, that are both affordable and functional.  

Sassy and Lessy by Mahnoor Awais 

Sassy and Lessy by Mahnoor Awais is a design studio focusing on hand-cast, bespoke and artisanal products. Her product range includes trays, planters, coasters, platters and home décor, made from concrete and a kaleidoscope of pigments. Sassy and Lessy’s ethos is inspired by Mahnoor’s love for minimalism. 

Jehan Jewelry by Willa Hafeez

Jehan by Willa Hafeez is a contemporary jewelry brand, whose attention to detail and craftsmanship in her work is unmistakable. Often funky and always fashionable, Willa’s jewelry is hand cut and handmade by local artisans in Southern Punjab. Under Willa’s creative leadership, Jehan makes modern style jewelry which includes rings and necklaces with designs that are chic, simplistic, and flattering to the wearer.

Amna's Naturals & Organics by Amna Waqar 

A family-run, sustainability driven organic foods initiative, Amna’s Naturals & Organics is inspired by a conscious awareness for health and well-being and a passion for creating nutritious, delicious food. They are devoted to promoting a complete lifestyle and take pride in sourcing their produce directly from a select number of local farmers. Their list of products includes gluten free, low carb roti’s and breads, oats and quinoa, keto pizzas, peanut brittle, jams, seeds, coconut and almond oils.  

Mirth by Tahreem Jilanee

Mirth by Tahreem is a packaging company that customises giveaways, aiming to make celebrations both memorable and joyous. Tahreem’s team of artisans use their expertise in crocheting, painting, and stitching to add handmade elements to the trays, candles and totes, which accompany the giveaways. Mirth’s packaging solutions are curated with passion, assembled with love and make for unforgettable experiences. 

Sehar Ali

Sehar Ali is an ecopreneur whose business is dedicated to revolutionizing the fashion industry by repurposing discarded textile materials into stunning sustainable jewelry. Her artisanal creations promote zero-waste fashion and offer a diverse range of functional accessories including bangles, earrings, chokers, and hair adornments to enhance each look. Sehar's ingenuity lies in her ability to push the boundaries of conventional thinking, harness her creativity and apply various techniques to create unique textures and shapes in her products.

Soap Therapy by Amna Husnain

Soap Therapy founded by Amna Hasnain, was born out of her passion for creating exceptional and therapeutic self-care products. What initially began as a hobby has now evolved into a wide collection of over 50 products, featuring organic and handmade scented soaps, shampoos, repellents, and bath accessories, suitable for all skin types. Each of these items is crafted after extensive research and testing, resulting in a unique blend of botanicals, clays, butters, and essential oils that offer a healing property for both the body and mind.

Soul Food by Faryal Leghari

The Soul Food Company by Faryal Leghari provides natural and organic products for all health, beauty and wellness enthusiasts. With a range of 70 plus preservative free and natural products including seeds and grains, nut butters and fruit spreads, smoothie powders, herbal and organic teas, condiments and sauces, cold-pressed and essential oils and more, Faryal's aim is to encourage people to take control of their well-being and make conscious choices for a more fulfilling life.


Studio Graphite by Areeba Imran is an architect-led, interdisciplinary design studio focusing on hand-cast, bespoke and artisanal products. Studio Graphite offers a wide range of products, including pots, planters, trays, coasters, platters, tables, shelves, counter tops and other bespoke products. Studio Graphite works on creating their own mixes, developing new colors from pigments and uses unconventional methods to create new finishes. 


Zaamin by Ifrah Khan curates handcrafted jewelry that draws inspiration from the visual culture of Lahore. Each piece is an ode to the city; a way to hold onto and preserve it's heritage, customs, traditions, and sacredness. Limited edition pieces are created using conventional techniques and materials, binding old narratives and art together.


The Chutney House, run by the mother-daughter duo Naila and Mariyam Mahmood, is a home-based condiment business that specializes in adding unique flavour to food using high-quality ingredients. Their product line includes a variety of chutneys (plum, imli and falsa), achaars,and delicious sooji and sawaiyan cookies. As a pantry staple, The Chutney House's condiments enhance any meal with their bold and distinct flavours.

My Cactus Romance

My Cactus Romance by Areesha Junejo is a design centric greenhouse business that combines a love for plants, design, and craftsmanship to create custom, handmade and hand-painted planters, paired with a variety of cacti, succulents, and other plants. The creative process is influenced by her passion for design and nature, resulting in a unique collection of botanical wares.

Sitarey By Mehnaz

Sitarey by Mehnaz Nadeem is a line of handcrafted clutches, where each crafted piece in its inherent beauty reflects the aspiring and talented artisan that created it. Mehnaz’s sense of purpose comes from empowering her artisans and creating a community of talented and hard-working women who can produce exquisite works of art from their homes.

Zar Gota Art

Zar's Gota Art by Hoor Fatima seeks to modernise the ancient craft of gota embroidery. Her inspiration comes from the artisans in her village where she grew up and developed a love for embroidery at a young age. The collection includes handcrafted gota tapestries, jewelry, clutches and cushions, all reflecting Hoor's passion for vintage products.


Ayesha Accessories by Ayesha Basit is a brand that deconstructs old pieces to create contemporary jewellery. Her designs are bold, experimental, distinctive, expressive and aspire to empower the wearer to make a statement wherever they go. Ayesha Accessories started primarily as a hobby and her love for artificial jewellery. As a young graduate in design and after working professionally for six years, she decided to take the plunge and launch her business full-time


Interlace by Fariha Arsalan started as a passion project which has now blossomed into an inventive small business of handcrafted contemporary pieces of furniture. Her team of artisans deliver the highest quality of rattan, creating modern pieces of art.


PJ’s Jars, created by two friends, Javeria and Rahma started a little over three years ago with a range of five chutneys and achaars. Over the years it has grown to range above 40 different seasonal variants of chutneys, achaars, spices, cooking oils, pastes, sharbats, panjeeri and saunf. All the products are made fresh, in-house, using recipes handed down over generations and are free of any artificial preservatives.

Zeenat Amin
Dusk Candles

Dusk Candles by Zeenat Amin is a passion project to promote body positivity. As a surgical resident, Zeenat drew inspiration from her many patients who underwent drastic changes to their bodies. She created bespoke candles with custom details like stretch marks, birthmarks, cesarean section marks, cystic acne, and bacne. Her purpose-driven candle designs are complemented by their pleasant aromas.

Sukaina Abbass
Enchante Jewelry

Enchante by Sukaina Abbass creates timeless pieces of art that can be passed on for generations. Her love for the beauty and mystery of gemstones brought her to use a range of precious and semi-precious gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect our culture and heritage. Sukaina puts her heart and soul in designing these exceptional and intricate jewelry pieces and works with a team of seasoned craftsmen who are as passionate about her vision as she is.

Alifya & Anum

Sugarubs by Alifia Moosaji and Anam Moosaji, is an organic and all-natural skin care brand. The mother-daughter duo business has more than 30 chemical-free skincare products such as balms, serums, creams and scrubs. Sugarubs was formed to shift the view of conventional skincare by elevating the organic experience, through decadent natural products, that seek to empower women to celebrate the skin they are in.